Awesome Podcast Recommendation – Bad Christian!

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What’s up you leather-jerkin, crystal-button, knot-pated, agatering, puke-stocking, caddis-garter, smooth-tongue, Spanish POUCH!

Welcome to another podcast recommendation post!


The Bad Christian Podcast.

Matt, Toby, and Joey are not trying to be theologians with all the answers, but that does not mean they cannot be a voice of reason within the broader Christian community. Far too often, the Christian community tends to stay away from things like racism, pornography, divorce, masturbation, and other uncomfortable topics. But these Bad Christians dive into these topics without hesitation. They also discuss other [more stereotypically-Christiany] topics like theology, church and culture, salvation and repentance.

I don’t want you to think that my recommendation of this podcast is a explicit agreement with its entirety of its content. Far from it. I actually think they get a fair amount wrong. For example, the apologetics Q & A with Joey’s brother Jared (about 1 hour in)… oh my.

But who am I kidding? It would be impossible to agree with everything they say, because they don’t even agree with each other much of the time. But I think they are doing one of the best things that we, as a culture, can do. And that is to just talk about these taboo topics.

BC_LOGO_Main-SiteHeader-MediumIf you are okay with a shallow Christian life with little or no opinions on controversial topics then Bad Christian is not for you, but my hope is that no one is okay with settling for a Christian faith like that. So, no matter who you are, the bad Christian podcast is for you. The hosts may be a bit sarcastic, insensitive and potentially offensive (to you easily offended types), but my suggestion is that you stop being so sensitive and listen to the Bad Christian podcast.

Unless you have small children with ‘virgin ears’ in the room, cuz they’re a bit on the… potty-mouth side of things. Yea, they’re bad christians. Its funny though because I listen to many podcasts, and they’re one of the only ones that I would consider ‘explicit’ (even though iTunes has yet to give them that label…)

The best thing that we can do as Christians and as human beings is to keep these conversations moving. Move them forward. It’s foolish to think that if we just sweep everything under the rug that it will go away, because it won’t. That is exactly what Joey Toby and Matt are doing. And while they cover a lot of serious topics, I occasionally find myself cry-laughing with them (at them?) on a regular basis.

If you’re still not sold on why you should listen to them, perhaps the fact that they provide the occasional tip on how to commit the perfect crime may be a selling point?

So listen to the Bad Christian podcast.
If you don’t, Joey will only be able to have 2 sheet pizzas for dinner every day, not his normal 4.

If you have a podcast that you think is awesome and think everyone should listen to it, let me know! Leave a comment or find me on twitter!
Ps. My upcoming podcast, Live Christianly, is in its final stages before launch! Making an RSS feed and getting it onto iTunes and doing all the other things is more complicated than we thought.

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