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Its not very often where I will recommend a podcast that has [probably] stopped producing content. However, if you’re interested in one of the best pro-life audio resources available, allow me to point you to…

cover170x170Life Report
Pro-Life Talk. Real World Answers.
(iTunes link)

There’s so much that could be said about Life Report in terms of the valuable content, the character of those doing it, the value in the way they approach the issues… everything. This podcast is great.

While employed at Right to Life of Central California, Josh Brahm spear-headed Life Report with the help of several other people. Eventually, Josh ended up splitting with Right to Life of Central California and establishing the Equal Rights Institute, which ended Josh’s contribution to the Life Report podcast (you can read about that announcement here).

Josh’s last episode was episode 199.
Who ends on 199?! That would kill the completionist in me.

But the podcast largely fizzled after that. They recorded 3 more episodes, but ultimately stopped in October 2014. But that does not, in any way, diminish the valuable content still available to listen to.

And you should listen to them. They’re not going to scream something incoherent about the Bible and dismiss Thompson’s Violinist argument for bodily autonomy as something that would never happen. They tackle the strongest versions of the strongest arguments and treat everyone with respect. In fact, if I were to say that they ‘pick on’ any group of people most, it would be the pro-lifers with horrible arguments.
Basically… they’re not weird.

I think Brahm and the team at Life Report are a model for how pro-lifers should act in conversations with people who disagree. Usually I would try to point to certain episodes that I think were great, but I genuinely think all of them are awesome. The episodes are clearly labeled, so listen to the ones you’re interested in. And if you’re interested in all of them like I was, listen to them all!
You won’t regret it, I promise.

But if you want to twist my arm for one of the best episodes, here it is. It’s a 2-part video called “Understanding the Ultimate Pro-Choice Argument” (iTunes link here!)

… and then they spend another 2-part video “Refuting the Ultimate Pro-Choice Argument” (iTunes link here)

(… yes, they have a video feed of their show. But I only ever listened to it via podcast and I’ve never felt as though I’ve missed anything because I didn’t watch the video)

While I like to give a podcast recommendation every other week, this is along the same thematic line as my previous post on abortion; Abortion 101 – Laying a Pro-Life Foundation. If you have any podcast that you think is great, I’d love to check it out! Leave a comment or question if you have one, or find me on twitter!

2 thoughts on “Awesome Podcast Recommendation – Life Report!

    Rebecca Peerson said:
    February 12, 2015 at 5:28 pm

    Hello there!

    We are so happy that you enjoy Life Report and find our content valuable to your growth in the Pro-Life Movement. As the new host of Life Report I wanted to let you know that the show will indeed be returning as soon as possible. During the holiday break our Editor and Producer resigned due to her husband’s job relocating her out of the area. We are currently on hiatus running reruns until we can secure a new TV Editor/Producer. Our staff is actively recruiting for this position and once filled Life Report will return! Again, thank you for referencing our podcast and we at Right to Life Central California are so pleased you enjoy our content. Thank you!

    Rebecca Peerson
    Director of Education and Public Relations

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      ElijiahT responded:
      February 12, 2015 at 5:30 pm

      Hey Rebecca!
      That’s awesome! I will make sure I am still subscribed to the podcast in iTunes so that I’m notified of Life Report’s [imminent] resurgence 🙂


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