Announcement: The Live Christianly Podcast! (and some other stuff)

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I haven’t posted anything in a little while, even though there is a ton that I could write about (like 3 parent children, net neutrality, and a wide variety of comments on old blog posts), I’ve been a bit distracted by a large number of things. So, I wanted to update you as to what was going on in my life right now.

Outside of a whole bunch of random things happening in my life, I have recently started 1 major project (a podcast), a bunch of mini projects and continued with regular projects.

10862651_741992639219666_5714355882285142068_oMajor project: The Live Christianly Podcast!

My brother in law (Dan) and I have recently launched The Live Christianly Podcast, and we’re having a lot of fun with it. Unfortunately, podcasting (and everything associated with it) comes with a lot of previously unknown complications. If you like the stuff I write here, you’ll probably like the stuff we talk about on the show. Dan is
If you’re not a podcast listener, start with this one! And then look at my awesome podcast recommendations!

A bunch of minor projects

The first thing I want to tell you about is that I’m moving my apologetics blog posts from HashtagApologetics over to TheologyMix. I really like what they’re doing at TheologyMix (you can find my posts here and under the TheologyMix menu), and I plan on contributing more to their website. Because of this, I will be modifying the HtA posts slightly for ThM, and then removing them from HtA. The blog will still stay up because other people have content on that site, but I don’t plan on contributing to HtA anymore.
Side note: if you’re interested in contributing to HtA at all, let me know

I recently had the privilege of going on my friend Richard Bushey‘s new debate show/podcast and discuss the topic of abortion with 2 pro-choice guys, another pro-life guy and Bushey (who is pro-life). It certainly was… an interesting discussion. Here’s the video:

In a few weeks, I will be speaking on ‘the problem of pain’ at a youth conference called Big Bold Questions (lol BBQ). I hope to turn my presentation into a blog post or two, most likely to be published at TheologyMix. Keep an eye out for those, because it’s much more than an appeal to “skeptical theism“, although I do have some responses to a few recent criticisms of skeptical theism that I’ve encountered.

A very side-project that I’ve recently started is a blog called Disproving McAfee, and it is (as you might guess, dedicated to disproving David G. McAfee. Now, I know what you’re probably thinking.
What? Who is that guy?
… or possibly
You’re dedicating a blog to disproving a single person?
Well, McAfee is an atheist author, and yes. I covered this in more depth in Episode 2 of Live Christianly, but to put it briefly, I want to engage with McAfee. He’s making arguments that are far from impressive, but he has built this group of >60,000 followers that make it virtually impossible to talk to McAfee himself. Just check out any of his facebook posts. It doesn’t matter which one; wherever you find a dissenting voice, you’ll find a slew of memes, straw-men, personal attacks and an overall presumption of David’s virtual infallibility. His tribe (yes, that is a marketing term, not a term of derision) defend McAfee to a point that… well, it should be a little embarrassing.
So, in an attempt to engage with McAfee himself, I’ve created DisprovingMcAfee (the name is a play off of his “Disproving Christianity“). I sincerely hope he will engage with the actual arguments and responses. However, based on his current behavior, I don’t expect this to happen anytime soon. Until then, I will likely modify the responses to McAfee into an apologetics post for TheologyMix.
Kill 2 birds with one stone! Respond to McAfee and get an apologetics foundation laid over at ThM!

And finally, I’m still looking for a position somewhere that allows me to use my degree and my interests in biology/genetics. If I could, I’d love to work in cancer research and then go back to school for a masters in genetic counseling. That’s the goal I’m shooting towards, and its going to take a lot of push in the opposite direction to stop me 😉
I spend several nights per week searching for jobs online, and this takes precedence over basically anything else.

Thanks for reading, everyone.
Talk to you soon 🙂

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