Turning Tragedies into Turf Wars

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angry-1550498.jpgThere are a whole lot of people who are claiming that the Planned Parenthood shooter was a Christian. If this is the case, consider me a part of the Christian community who publicly declares my abhorrence for his behavior.

Given where the crime was committed, there is a good reason to think that this man was against abortion. If this is the case, please consider me (yet again) a part of the pro-life crowd who is vehemently against this kind of destructive foolishness.

But let’s say that we don’t know the motives behind this man’s behavior. I am *still* going to be a part of the crowd who publicly denounces this behavior as irrational and objectively immoral.

You know what I don’t want?
I don’t want this to turn into a turf war. But sadly, that’s how human beings are, I guess. Everything has to be turned into some kind of tribal warfare between competing factions.

Can’t we all just recognize that this behavior is immoral? Let’s all recognize it as immoral behavior, together, as a human community.

There’s no need to point our fingers and pretend that every single member of group X needs to denounce every single bad thing done by anyone claiming to be a part of group X.
And yes, group X might mean Muslims.
It might mean Christians.
It might mean refugees.
It might mean someone you disagree with. But more importantly, it might mean someone within your own tribe. Be morally consistent. Please.