If You Don’t Vote Trump, You’re Voting for Clinton!

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“If you do not vote for Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton will win. Clinton is guaranteed to win the presidency unless you hold your nose and vote against her by voting for Trump.”

You’ve likely heard that before. Please allow me to go on record saying that this. is. not. going. to. happen.

Ever. I refuse to violate my principles and vote for Donald Trump.

It’s interesting that the statement “if you don’t vote for Trump, you’re voting for Clinton” assumes that if Johnson (or any other 3rd party candidate) didn’t exist, that I’d be voting for Trump. But this is a false assumption. If only Trump and Clinton were on the ballot, I would probably not vote.

But perhaps they’d say that abstaining is voting for Clinton.

I have a newsflash for TrumpRepublicans: the Republican Party does not represent the beliefs of libertarianism. GOP voters must learn that they cannot treat libertarians like “morally confused conservatives” (yes, I have been described like this). We are not republicans, and have never been republicans, and the Trump-love of the GOP voter base has magnified this fact 100-fold.  Read the rest of this entry »


10 Reasons Why Every Conservative Should Vote for Trump

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Hello fellow conservatives, lend me your ears. There has been a lot of chatter as of late regarding whether or not we should support Trump in the 2016 presidential race. Well, after reading this post, I hope you will have no question as to whether or not you should support Donald Trump to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain.
Here is a list of why Trump is the perfect conservative candidate:

1. We conservatives are always in favor of as little taxes as possible, and certainly do not support those stupid liberal tax plans. This is why I support Donald Trump’s plan to institute a progressive tax plan that looks very similar to a dirty hippy liberal’s tax plan but it certainly isn’t that because Donald Trump is a conservative. I mean, look at it. It is definitely not your typical conservative tax plan but that’s fine. If you’re tired of #FeelingTheBern of liberal tax policies, we should embrace Trump’s liberal tax policy and slap a conservative label on it. If I’m going to get a liberal tax policy, I’d much rather FeelTheTrump than FeelTheBern.

2. The second reason that Donald Trump is a perfect conservative candidate is that he is 100% in favor of our natural and constitutional right to own property and not have it seized from us. Yes, I know, he thinks using government force to take your property from you is ok. Listen. The only reason he thinks that “eminent domain is wonderful” is because he wants to make America Great Again, and how can you do that if people won’t get out of your way while you’re trying to make America great? Cling to your property rights somewhere else, hippy. Read the rest of this entry »