Ho! Ho! Ho! JesusDidntExist

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Hooray! It is that time of the year again!
Time to decorate your Christmas tree & put up lights!
Time to spin your dreidel & light the menorah!
Time to light your Kinara & do a festive dance!

It is also time to… ignore the stupid articles that all say that Jesus didn’t exist.
I don’t know what it is about Christmas and Easter that makes people want to publicly and proudly ignore the evidence for Jesus’ existence, but that’s how we do here on this planet of ours.

I don’t plan on refuting all the recent poorly researched articles claiming the non-existence of Jesus as a historical person. People much more educated than I have done a great job showing those to be hilariously inaccurate. What I’d like to do is point you to a resource I wrote quite some time ago, talking about that wonderfully crappy documentary, Zeitgeist.

screen-shot-2013-06-23-at-8-13-51-amYou remember the one, right?
Well, guess what. One of your newly skeptical cousins has found Zeitgeist on a reddit forum and plans on using it to ruin Christmas for your elderly grandmother. You can’t let that happen.┬áThat would be rude.
So you should probably freshen up on your responses to him when he says “Horus had a virgin birth too” between scoops of mashed potatoes.

I have just the article for you!
Click here for my resource-loaded article: Zeitgeist – Pagan Myths and Jesus
And Merry Christmas!

ps. yes, I know I cheated this week on the blog content.
“way to go elijiah, just using recycled material. nerd.”
psh dude whatever its a good article. plus, its not just christian sources. so you can give it to your cousin and he’ll be refuted by fellow skeptics. you’re the nerd.

you’re welcome.


Jesus & Santa Are Socialists (Merry Christmas!)

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I usually try to stay away from internet memes. They’re usually a horrendously bastardized version of something attempting to be a critical thought.┬áRarely do I find a meme that I agree with. And when I do, it really isn’t all that funny.
I can make a meme out of that! But I won’t.

What I want to do here is address this silly image because it has a larger, more ‘meta’ problem.
Here she is:Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 4.22.10 PM
The sentiment behind this is clear.

Those who express some form of charity are obviously socialist in their thinking.

Now… I know this is a meme. But it is expressing a fairly common perspective that I genuinely don’t understand. Where did people get the idea that any time someone expresses charity, it is an expression of socialism? In fact, all 5 of the people in this picture… the ones who are supposed to be our socialist heroes, are actually representing voluntary charity. Voluntary interactions being, of course, one of the cornerstones of a libertarian view of proper charitable giving. Read the rest of this entry »