Victim Blaming & the Problem of ‘Social Justice Warriors’

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Who needs an introduction?! I’m just going to dive in to the main point of this post:
Suggesting that a potential victim change his/her behavior is not victim blaming.

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 11.34.53 PMSaying “you shouldn’t walk down dark alleys, drunk, behind shady bars by yourself at 2am” is not, in any way, saying that you deserved or should be blamed for the rape.
Saying “you should lock your doors when you leave your car overnight at an airport” is not, in any way, saying that you deserve or should be blamed for someone stealing your radio.
Saying “you shouldn’t put your credit card information on twitter is not, in any way, saying that you deserve to have your credit card information stolen.

If you thought “well, yea… duh”, then congratulations. You have not run into the more inane side of those who call themselves “social justice warriors” #SJW! Many of them are under the impression that by giving potential victims advice about how not to become a victim, you are actually blaming them for being victimized.

I’ve had/read several discussions with many self-proclaimed SJWs who seem to have absolutely no idea how to listen during a conversation. To them, even the mere suggestion that someone might be able to modify their behavior in order to not become the victim of a crime is morally reprehensible.

This idealism promoted by these social justice warriors is unrealistic, irresponsible and potentially harmful. Read the rest of this entry »