Jesus & Santa Are Socialists (Merry Christmas!)

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I usually try to stay away from internet memes. They’re usually a horrendously bastardized version of something attempting to be a critical thought.┬áRarely do I find a meme that I agree with. And when I do, it really isn’t all that funny.
I can make a meme out of that! But I won’t.

What I want to do here is address this silly image because it has a larger, more ‘meta’ problem.
Here she is:Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 4.22.10 PM
The sentiment behind this is clear.

Those who express some form of charity are obviously socialist in their thinking.

Now… I know this is a meme. But it is expressing a fairly common perspective that I genuinely don’t understand. Where did people get the idea that any time someone expresses charity, it is an expression of socialism? In fact, all 5 of the people in this picture… the ones who are supposed to be our socialist heroes, are actually representing voluntary charity. Voluntary interactions being, of course, one of the cornerstones of a libertarian view of proper charitable giving. Read the rest of this entry »