If You Don’t Vote Trump, You’re Voting for Clinton!

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“If you do not vote for Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton will win. Clinton is guaranteed to win the presidency unless you hold your nose and vote against her by voting for Trump.”

You’ve likely heard that before. Please allow me to go on record saying that this. is. not. going. to. happen.

Ever. I refuse to violate my principles and vote for Donald Trump.

It’s interesting that the statement “if you don’t vote for Trump, you’re voting for Clinton” assumes that if Johnson (or any other 3rd party candidate) didn’t exist, that I’d be voting for Trump. But this is a false assumption. If only Trump and Clinton were on the ballot, I would probably not vote.

But perhaps they’d say that abstaining is voting for Clinton.

I have a newsflash for TrumpRepublicans: the Republican Party does not represent the beliefs of libertarianism. GOP voters must learn that they cannot treat libertarians like “morally confused conservatives” (yes, I have been described like this). We are not republicans, and have never been republicans, and the Trump-love of the GOP voter base has magnified this fact 100-fold. 
If Donald Trump wanted the libertarian/conservative vote, perhaps he should be advocating for libertarian/conservative principles instead of expecting us to fall in line and vote republican, no matter what he says.

It is not our fault that the GOP’s presumptive nominee isn’t a friend of personal or economic liberty.

It is not our fault that Trump cannot beat Clinton with the republican vote alone.

If everyone would vote on principle (and stop pretending that you can manipulate election results by being sneaky), we wouldn’t have this false dichotomy between left authoritarianism and right authoritarianism. In fact, the majority of people are voting AGAINST someone in November, rather than for someone. This is absurd.

Vote on principle. Cause real change. No amount of name calling will cause this “liberaltarian” to stop voting for Liberty. The results of this election are going to be awful, no matter who wins. Now is the time to stop voting against something, and vote for Liberty.


One thought on “If You Don’t Vote Trump, You’re Voting for Clinton!

    […] A vote for a 3rd party is not actually a vote for Trump or Clinton. Trump/Clinton never had my vote, so refusing to vote for Trump/Clinton isn’t “mathematically” a vote for Clinton/Trump. Stop saying that. […]


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