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Stuff You Should Know
Homeschooling: Not Just for Hippies and Religious People Anymore (iTunes)

uwzln-SNp-109x109I really like the Stuff You Should Know (SYSK) podcast, and if you don’t listen to it, you really should add it to your repertoire of podcasts. If for no other reason but to impress people with the random knowledge you have about X-rays, currency, ebola, allergies, body odor, magnets and shark attacks!

This episode is essentially a homeschooling primer.Josh and Chuck present an overview of a wide variety of homeschooling stuff, giving something of a meta-look at the entire topic. Before you start homeschooling…
– what questions should you ask?
– what does your state require for homeschoolers?
– how should you prepare?
– are you qualified to teach your kids?
– what about curriculum?
– why are you doing it?

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 4.27.59 PMI know this helped me gain a bit of a perspective on homeschooling (my wife and her brother were both homeschooled), and it is something worth considering for our son, Micah, and for any children we may have in the future. So whether or not you would consider homeschooling a viable option for you and your kids, check out this SYSK episode. My guess is that you’ll be hearing more about homeschooling in the future… it is gaining popularity (especially in response to common core stuff, but that’s another topic altogether)


As a podcast junkie myself, my goal is to post the best podcast episode every week so that I can get you guys into podcasting too! Podcasts are awesome and I hope to point you guys to some really, really awesome ones.

My brother in law and I are launching our podcast (Live Christianly) very soon! I’ll post here about that when it happens.